Who is Running This Show

I am Bryce Nielson, a true "Bear Laker" whose soul exists within the Lake.  I am a local boy who was born and raised in Cache Valley, 30 miles to the west. My life has been in the mountains, hills, deserts, wetlands, lakes/rivers and everything in-between observing the world around me.

I came to Bear Lake as a kid and spent days swimming, fishing, and hunting I graduated from USU as fisheries biologist and dedicated my career to Bear Lake.  I created a management plan to restore the native, Bear Lake cutthroat population and have done extensive research the four "endemic" fish in the lake. After 35 years with Utah Wildlife Resource, I retired and ran "Cisco's Landing" in the Marina.  I have been a politician as Mayor of Garden City and a Rich County Commissioner.  

I enjoy being service to people.  I am committed to keeping the Bear Lake a natural environment, realizing countless people will fall in love with it in the years to come. I have created Cisco Charters to give back what is inside of me.  Money is not an issue to me, since I plan on doing other things. So don't be disappointed if I am not available when you call.  

Let your mind wander and think about things you want to do or know when you are at Bear Lake.  Maybe I can help you experience them or guide you to the right person.





Captain Cisco