Any visit to Bear Lake is not complete until you experience being out on it brilliant, azure, blue water.  Renting a boat is an option, but rental rates, fuel and not knowing what you are doing are obstacles.  With Bear Lake’s weather you and your family want to be safe.  You also want to learn about tis truly unique lake.

If you live here or just visiting and want to get out on Bear Lake without renting a boat, consider a tour. I offer is the opportunity for you to experience it all.  I am a licensed Coast Guard Merchant Marine Captain.   I have what they call a “six-pack” license which limits me to six paying customers on board.  I carry liability insurance along with forty years of experience

I own and operate a 20′ pontoon boat that is based out of Epic Recreation on the south end of Garden City.  I do a standard 1 1/2 hour tour on the lake where I talk about how the lake was formed, why it is blue, how big it is, what type of fish are in it, the mountain man era at the lake, pioneers and finally the Bear Lake Monster.  I try to make sure that by the time you have completed the tour you will not have any questions about Bear Lake that I have not answered.

The standard 90 minute tour is $150 for the watercraft  It can carry up to six people.  Life vests are provided.  All you nee to bring is sunscreen, snacks, personal items and questions.  Since I have a variable schedule it is necessary to make a reservation Many factors play into availability such as weather, time of day and my schedule.  Try to contact me at least two days in advance.    Call or text me directly at (435) 994-1649 to set up a reservation.  I also do  custom lake/beach tours and prices will be negotiated.